Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association... encouraging the study, teaching and performance of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar

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The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association is a worldwide organization promoting traditional Hawaiian music and the signature sound of Hawaiian steel guitar. Our site contains information for HSGA members and for non-members who wish to learn about and listen to the beautiful music of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar.

We welcome you and encourage you to explore HSGA. If you enjoy your experience here, please let us know. We're always looking for new friends and new members...

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HSGA Steel Guitar Festival

Oct 1-3, 2015




Three days of musicianship and fun in
Fort Collins, Colorado.
Read this preview article.


Guest of Honor DUKE CHING!
Our famous Saturday Night Luau is back!


Talk Story

It's back!




Festival 2015

Download this poster PDF.

Chuck's Festival Workshop will be a study of "Beyond the Reef"
Listen to him play the tune and download the arrangement ahead of time.
See you at the workshop!