Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association... encouraging the study, teaching and performance of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar

Annual Joliet Convention

Was Held at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Joliet, Illinois • October 6-8, 2011


Everyone will be excited to know that our Honored Guest this year is none other than Greg Sardinha. He recently received his latest recognition, a 2011 Hawai'i Music Award for Steel Guitar Album of the Year, which he shared with Alan Akaka and Casey Olsen. Most of you know that Greg was one of Jerry Byrd's early star students who went on to become one of the most visible steel guitarist in Hawai'i. He records a host of artists under his Keala Records label and operates Sma'Kine studio, one of the busiest recording studios on the island of O'ahu.


The daily program, which runs from 9am - 4:30pm, includes entertainment, seminars, playing, concerts & jam sessions for performers, collectors and lovers of Hawaiian steel guitars.


The 3-day convention fee is $45 per person, and the walk-in daily fee is $15 per person. Please take note of it when submitting your registration. Remember that you do not have to pay in advance. You may pay on arrival in Joliet.





Would you like to perform on stage?


If you're planning on performing, complete the bottom portion of the convention form and mail it to the address shown on the form ASAP - playing slots are filled on a first come, first served basis.


All performances are 25 minutes INCLUDING SET-UP TIME, and will be assigned by the committee. This will allow us to schedule all music sessions during the day, thus leaving the evenings free for seminars and jam sessions. No music sessions are planned for the evening hours. Whether you're a first time, or a longtime performer/attendee we need your registration form. We cannot make up a program list if we don't know who's coming and who wants to perform. No matter who you are, if we don't get your registration, you WILL NOT have a spot on the program. The sooner you register, the better. When all slots are filled, you will be put on a stand-by list. We cannot guarantee which day or time you will appear on the program, but we will try to honor preferences when possible. Last minute registrations are not guaranteed a playing time. Please bring at least two sets of chord charts for your back up players.



Thursday and Friday Night Seminars and Talk Story (free of charge)


Thursday 8:30pm – Talk Story with Greg Sardinha


Friday 8:30pm – Ian Ufton's Beginning Steel Guitar and Chris Kennison’s All Star Invitational Jam


Note: In past conventions many impromptu workshops have materialized over the course of the three days , most notably, Introduction to Hula,  Introduction to the Hawaiian language,  Lei Making,  Beginning Ukulele and Advanced Ukulele techniques.  These and other ad-hoc workshops are not officially scheduled and may or may not occur.



Saturday Night Luau and Floor Show


The traditional HSGA Joliet Saturday night Luau and Floor show is happening again this year!  Join us at 5:30 for pre-luau musical entertainment, cash bar and social hour.  At 7:00 enjoy a Polynesian style dinner and then sit back and enjoy the Luau Floor Show at 8:00.  Note: there is a separate per-person charge for the luau.  Luau admission is not included with your convention registration. 


Luau tickets are available at the convention registration desk.  Get your tickets early!   Luau Tickets are only available for purchase during the convention. There are no advance sales for these tickets.


Guests are encouraged to wear their finest Aloha wear!



Nightly Jam Sessions


The legendary HSGA "no sleep, all night" jam sessions happen each night of the convention (including "pre-convention" Wednesday and "post luau" Saturday).  They usually start around 9 PM (after the last seminar of the evening). These impromptu, informal, fun and free sessions are open to all musicians and listeners.  The musicians at these sessions are friendly and open. They are enthusiastic and eager to share playing tips, tunings, “talk story” and sometimes even give a quick free lesson. Sitting a foot away from a world-class steel guitarist and watching their hands is the fast track to learning the instrument.



Convention Schedule (click here to open schedule in new window)


Thursday October 6, 2010

Opening Ceremony
9:00 AM

Duke Ching
Kamaka Tom
10:20 Open
10:45 Ron Simpson
11:10 Mike Scott
11:35 Vaughn Passmore

Lunch Break
12:00 - 1:30 PM

1:30 Alvin Wood
1:55 May and Art Lang
2:20 Virginia Grzadzinski
2:45 Jamie O'Connell
3:10 Dave "DK" Kolars
3:35 Ivan Reddington
4:00 Phil Bender
4:25 Tony Fourcroy
4:50 Mark Prucha
5:15 Greg Sardinha
Dinner Break
5:40 - 8:00 PM
8:30 Talk Story with Greg Sardinha




Friday October 7, 2011

HSGA Annual Members Meeting (open to all)
9:00 - 10:00 AM
Herbert West
10:25 Ivan Reddington
10:50 Open
11:15 Chris Kennison
11:40 Open

Lunch Break
12:05 - 1:30 PM

1:30 Ron Wenger
1:55 Dick Lloyd
2:20 Mike Scott
2:45 Vaughn Passmore
3:10 Duke "Kaleolani" Ching
3:35 Open
4:00 Evelyn Brue-Roeder
4:25 Yi Shi Hong
4:50 Greg Sardinha
Dinner Break
5:15 - 8:00 PM
8:30  PM - ? Ian Ufton's Beginning Steel Guitar and Chris Kennison's All-Star Invitational Jam




 Saturday October 8, 2011

9:25 K Koster & S Angello
9:50 Ernie Coker
10:15 Kamaka Tom
10:40 Greg Sardinha
11:05 Don Woods
11:30 Gerald Ross

Lunch Break
11:55 - 1:30 PM

1:30 D. Fulmer and C. Hidy
1:55 Greg Wong
2:20 Ron Kempke
2:45 Ian Ufton
3:15 Open (if needed)
Luau Doors Open
Cocktail Hour /Cash Bar and Pre-Luau Entertainment
5:30 PM
Luau Dinner
7:00 PM
Luau Floor Show
8:00 PM



Questions may be directed to:


- phone (815) 485-6765 or    - phone (815) 351-2140