Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association... encouraging the study, teaching and performance of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar
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John Ely

Beginning/Intermediate Hawaiian Steel Guitar via Skype, geared to your short-term and long-term musical goals.
  Virginia, MN

Kona Serenaders

Beginning/Intermediate Hawaiian Steel Guitar.  Instructional book and video available. A Major
Low bass
Vancouver, BC, Canada
(604) 263-8944
Basil Henriques Internet Lessons via Skype. I play and teach all tunings, in the styles of the Hawaii Calls players, i.e. Barney, Jules, Billy Hew Len, Danny Stewart, etc. Reasonable rates starting by the half-hour. Skype name is basil-henriques C6, A6, E6, D9 Emin6 Available anywhere Skype is available.
Int+(0) 182-770-4110 or
Int+(0) 7800-646-645

Hawaiian Treasures - Steel Guitar & Ukulele

Hawaiian Steel Guitar and Ukulele musical fun classes consisting of seniors 55+. Hawaiian music, the culture of Hawai’i is the prime focus, instructed by George “Keoki” Lake.   Central Lions Recreation Centre
Edmunton, AB, CA
(780) 496-7366
Richard Hanson Steel Guitar, Ukulele, Guitar and Bass   Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 596-8163
Cell (719) 229-5419

Chris Kennison
( Book 'em Danno)

Hawaiian and Lap Steel guitar. Pedal Steel Guitar. C6, B11, E Fort Collins, CO
(970) 204-1721

Frank Della Penna

Beginning/intermediate Hawaiian Steel Guitar. Ukulele. A, A6, Am, B11, C13, C#m7, E7, Fmaj7 Washington DC
(202) 223-2658
Bill Leff Hawaiian and Rock steel guitar (beginner/ intermediate). Also Hawaiian Slack Key guitar. C6, B11, E, C#m, A, others Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 234-9859