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Aloha International Steel Guitar Club www.alohainternationalsgc.org

The Steel Guitar Forum: http://www.steelguitarforum.com/
A world wide audience, some 4,400 participants, from beginning students to Nashville recording artists. Everything you will want to discover and MORE!

The Steel Guitar Network: http://www.steelguitarnetwork.net/
A great place to hang out, The Steel Guitar Network is a website created to help support the steel guitar and provides a store where you can purchase steel guitar strings and accessories.

Scotty's Music, Inc.http://www.scottysmusic.com/
DeWitt A. Scott, Sr., President, DeWitt Scotty, Jr., V-Pres., 9535 Midland Blvd., St.Louis, MO 63114-3314, Phone: (314) 427-7794
The place to go for steel guitar accessories, misc. equipment, and a wide variety of study materials........including JERRY BYRD study courses.

Steelradio.com: http://www.steelradio.com/
Listen to steel guitar music all day with minimum interruption. Discover the beautiful sounds of steel guitar music...... without vocals. Top artists and new-comers alike can all be heard on this wonderful site.

Online Steelers: http://www.onlinesteelers.com/
Worldwide listing of steel guitar players, their equipment preferences, etc. Find someone living in your hometown and strike up some great musical acquaintances.

Brad’s Page of Steel:http://www.well.com/user/wellvis/gitinfo.htmlA must for anyone interested in steel guitar; resource center.

Steel Guitar Hall of Fame: http://www.scottysmusic.com/
The greatest steel guitarists of all times are here.

Royal Hawaiian Steel Guitar Hall of Fame:http://www.steelguitar.org/
Historical figures in the steel guitar community.

Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association: http://www.hsga.org/
Traditional Hawaiian music on the Hawaiian Steel Guitar. See and hear popular steel guitarist from around the world, playing all sorts of tunes, on a wide variety of steel guitars. Why not place some of your own playing on this wonderful, educational site?

Western Swing Society: http://www.westernswingsociety.org/
A great organization promoting the type of music made famous
by Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, Hank Thompson and others.

Pedal Steel Guitar Association: http://www.psga.org/
Oriented toward the pedal steel guitar, its players, its music.

GeorgeBoards: http://www.georgeboards.com/
GeorgeBoards, maker of fine Lap Steel Guitars for the Stars & Instructional DVDs.
Also found at SteelGuitarCamp.com and on YouTube. Please visit their YouTube channel and view instructional samples.
Subscribe and recieve automatic updates when new videos are posted.

D2F Covers, Inc.: http://www.d2fcovers.com/
"Designed 2 Fit" Pedal Steel Guitar Covers are manufactured to exacting specifications using a custom made 600x600 denier polyester material (exterior) bonded to a light foam padding (1/4 inch) with a soft brushed nylon tricot interior.
D2f Covers, Inc. Stocks two styles of Leg/Rod bags.
D2F Covers, Inc. maintains a stock of covers for many of the most popular amplifiers specifically designed for Pedal Steel Guitars.
D2F Covers, Inc. manufactures padded amplifier covers for vintage, current model, and custom amplifiers and cabinets of nearly every shape and size.
D2F Covers, inc. manufactures a Padded Cover/Case “Designed 2 Fit” Steeler’s Choice SideKick seat with the Back Support Option.

Jerry Byrd YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jerrybyrdchannel
This Channel is dedicated to the memory of
The Great Jerry Byrd "The Master of Touch and Tone" 1920-2005
Its a supplement to The Great Jerry Byrd Fan Club page
made by? Jerry Byrds Nr.1 Fan, Ray Montee.
I only put songs in the favorite list that have Jerry Byrd on steel guitar.
If you know other Great songs where Jerry Byrd is playing behind a singer
please send me a response.
I'm gonna upload some rare and unissued stuff soon.


The Jerry Byrd Fan Club is anxious to acquire copies of these old, "out of date" records, featuring Jerry Byrd on the steel guitar.  Might you check your music library shelf in an effort to determine whether or not one of these jewels might be sitting their, dust covered and forgotten?


Sunny Lee - "Walk Right Out That Door"

Johnny Williams - "I'm Not Going to Love You Anymore" 

U.S.A.F. P.S.A.'s  Show #287  - "Silent Night "

The Bagwell Trio - misc. singles/album

Wendy Bagwell & the Sunlighters

Bobby Lord - "I Can't Get Over You"

The Statesman

The Rangers

The Rebels

The Tennesseans     

The Speer Family

Kingston Quartet

Hawkshaw Hawkins  Vol.2, king 562 - "The Longer we're together"        

Roy Clark album, name unknown, but contains the song: "Put Your Sweet Lips A Little Closer to the Phone"

Billy Strange - on Liberty

Ralph Emery on "Liberty" label

Bobby Sykes - "Moonlight Becomes You"

Mari John Wilkin - on Columbia label

Merv Shiner - "Take a little Silver from the Blue Hawaiian Skies"

Ramblin Tommy Scott-Original Country Oldies -Rock-a-Billy Rarities

Paul Howard - misc. singles

Dexter Johnson - Early C/W Star of WSM

Rome Johnson - "Down in My Neck o'the Woods"

Jan Garber - "Dancin' Under the Stars" -  Decca #8443 LP

Jerry Byrd-Alan Akaka-Barney Issacs - "Blue Hawaiian Moonlight"

Danny Couch - "Blue Hawaii"

Robert Lynn - "Yodelin Blues"

Dotty West - "Country Sunshine"

Dotty West - "There Goes My Baby"

Anita Kerr - "Somebody Did Somebody Wrong Song"

Xavier Cugat - "Dream of Love"

Ethel Nakada-Futara - "Hawaiian Breeze"


Please do let us hear from you and many thanks for your help.