Due by February 29, 2024

HSGA needs YOU Call for Board nominations for 2024

By John Limbach, Nominating Committee Chair

Every two years we hold an election for our Board of Directors. It’s a two-year term. You just need to be a current member, attend quarterly board meetings by Zoom/Conference call, and participate in at least one committee. Please consider being part of some of the exciting things HSGA is working on. It doesn’t mean one person needs to take on a lot, it means we have various skills we need help with, and we know there is a lot of talent out there.

There will be one vacancy for 2024, and the ballot will include current board members who wish to run again (you can serve up to 3 2-year terms), as well as new nominees. Note that all members who throw their hat in the ring, even if not elected in this next round, will be kept on a list to call from for any vacancies that come up in the next two years.

Any member may nominate someone, or nominate themselves. Nominees submit information about their background, experience and interests for serving on the board, we put these out in a ballot in the Spring 2024 newsletter, and the general membership votes. Top nine vote-getters are it. That board then appoints specific officers among themselves from the 9 elected. Terms start July 1, 2024, for two years.

Our current board and first year served is:

• President Christo Ruppenthal July, 2020
• Vice-President John Limbach July, 2017
• Secy/Treasurer Roberto Alaniz July, 2020
• Director Mike Wittmer July, 2019
• Director Eric Rindal, July, 2022
• Director Shinichi Kakuichi, July, 2022
• Director Daryl Brooke, July, 2022
• Director Thomas Hammerman, July, 2022
• Director Phill Walker July, 2022

Please submit an email or letter of interest by February 29, 2024. If you want further information, feel free to email me at hsga@hsga.org.