Chuck Lettes
Englewood, Colorado, US

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New! Stranger on the Shore

March 2018. I remember playing clarinet as a kid, listening and squeaking to Acker Bilk’s melodic Stranger on the Shore.  Now, years later, I thought I might work it up with my steel guitars and saxophone.  I’m using the 2018 BIAB program for the backing track.  Hope you enjoy the arrangement.

My Little Grass Shack

Nov 2016 – Hope you enjoy!

Blue Hawaii

April 2016 – Like many, I was surprised that the first version of “Blue Hawaii” was recorded not by Elvis Presley, but by Bing Crosby for the l937 movie “Waikiki Wedding.” I had plenty of time to coax the warm melodies out of my 6 string lap steel, especially after all of the recent snow here in Denver. Download the TAB for Chuck’s seminar at the HSGA Steel Guitar Festival September 22-24, 2016″

Indian Love Call

Feb 2016 – Indian Love Call has been recorded by diverse musicians like Artie Shaw and Jerry Byrd. I like how the haunting melody (based on a 6 chord) plays out on my 6 string lap steel (highest -GECAGF).

Beyond the Reef

July 2015 – I recently was at the HSGA show in Ft.Collins and heard a very soulful version of Beyond the Reef. When I got home, I took out my six string lap steel and this arrangement just flowed out. I’m using my C6th’s high G tuning for this one. Hope you enjoy it.

Let It Be Me

Jan 2014 – Like so many, I felt a sense of loss with Phil Everly’s passing. The Everly Brothers’ music was an essential part of my childhood and of my love for music. I decided to revisit one of my favorite tunes of theirs, “Let It Be Me.” I’m using my six string lap steel’s C6th high G tuning for this arrangement, hope you like it.

Autumn Leaves

Feb 2011 – I decided to revisit Autumn Leaves on the lap steel. I have always loved Eva Cassidy’s version, so I wanted to capture some of her sense of melody. The tune is in the key of Bbm, not the most friendly key for my 6 string C6th tuning. However, I discovered some open strings and hammer-ons that kept me interested. I’m using my Ricky Frypan and a newer version of Band in a Box, recording and mixing with Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition).

Amarillo by Morning

Over the years I’ve played “Amarillo By  Morning” too many times to count, but I thought I might revisit it with the tenor sax (Horns of Plenty) and the lap steel. Hope you enjoy the arrangement. Because
I have always loved revisiting the songs that I listened to as a teenager.  Here’s an old Dave Clark 5 tune. I wasn’t sure what steel guitar/tuning to use for my arrangement, so I split the difference and plucked my lap steel for the first part and then switched over to the E9th neck of my pedal steel. This way I can really hear the difference between the two instruments.


I’ve played many different arrangements of “Crazy,” but I always loved Patsy Cline’s definitive version.  I wanted to try this rendition on my 6 string lap steel since I usually perform this tune on the pedal steel.  Having just six strings instead of ten limits my choice of notes, but I love the tone of the lap steel.


I always loved “Dream” by the Everly Brothers (from Shenandoah, Iowa). I decided to work it up, mostly on the Frypan with a bit of my pedal steel.

Everybody’s Talkin’

July 2011 – I just finished watching a documentary on Harry Nilsson, the singer-songwriter popular in the l960-70s. Although he wrote hits for other acts, he won a Grammy for his version of Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talkin'” from the movie, Midnight Cowboy. I immediately remembered the tune and Nilsson’s great vocals and decided to try it out on my Frypan. Hope you enjoy the arrangement.I

Can’t Help It

Nov 2012 – Here is a lap steel arrangement I worked up this morning. Got to love the old Hank Williams tunes. I’m looking forward to doing this song as a duet with Scotty (of St. Louis Fame) at the SWSGA show in Phoenix. I even added some Scotty/ Jerry Byrd harmonics. Sept 2011 – I’ll be doing another Patsy Cline theater tribute for a few shows in December, so I’m in a Patsy mood. Like most musicians, I love playing around in my home studio.  I always enjoy turning vocal tunes into instrumentals (blame it on the Ventures), so I had some fun on my six string lap steel with my version of  Poor Man’s Roses.

Sleepy Lagoon

Till There Was You

Jan 2012 – Here’s a lap steel/ saxophone duet arrangement of Till There Was You. Although I hear the Beatles’ version when I worked up this rendition, the song was originally a featured number in the musical, the Music Man.

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