George “Keoki” Lake (1928-2019)

Many of you already know the sad news. We got the following from Keoki’s son Rob Lake: “I regret to inform you that George Lake passed away [on February 27], just a few weeks short of his ninety-first birthday. Although he had been in the hospital for a few weeks, his ultimate passing was quick and without pain. I am sure he enjoyed all the friends he made in your association and he will be missed in the Edmonton community.”

Keoki was a fixture at HSGA and Aloha Int’l conventions, both as a performer and always as a rhythm guitarist for the great Hawaiian artists, such as Jerry Byrd, Barney Isaacs, Kalani Fernandes, Nina Keali‘iwahamana and many others. George, with all his gifts, was a humble and friendly person who could enthrall you with stories of the great performers he met with during his musical career.

We had intended to print recent news we got from Keoki including another installment in his newsletter feature, “Keoki’s Korner.” We’ll probably include that in a future issue, but here’s a touching note he sent out shortly before his passing:

“Many of you have wondered if I’m okay, for which I can only express my sincerest appreciation and thanks. From October 2017 through early January 2018 I was confined to the hospital. I experienced a severe fall in which I landed on my forehead against a cement curb, which caused medical teams deep concern regarding a possible concussion. I also suffered extreme pain from a fractured pelvis. The good news: I managed to beat the odds and am now able to e-mail this to you. And yes, I’m still bashing away at music! Well, that’s about it. No use in complaining as I saw many in the hospital who were far worse off than me. Oh, I sold my home which has been a heartbreak for me, as Mary and I spent over sixty years caring for that home. Mary has gone so it is best I get rid of my earthly items.”

Roger Shackelton (1943-2019)

We’re sorry to announce that we lost longtime HSGA member Roger Shackelton at age 75 on March 8, 2019 at the Sylvan Court Nursing Home in Canby, Minnesota.

Roger Earl Shackelton was born on May 17, 1943 to Earl and Ruth (Lundquist) Shackelton in Canby. He graduated from Canby High School in 1962 and served in the U.S. Army from September 1962 to September 1965 in Stuttgart, Germany. He moved to the Seattle area and worked for Boeing Aircraft for 23 years and retired in 2007. In August of 2013, he relocated back to Canby.

Roger had been in ill health for several years prior to passing away. He is survived by his wife Venus Shackelton of Canby, Minnesota.

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