From Japan, Shinichi Kakiuchi (steel guitar) and his wife Kumiko
(uke) with Fort Collins guests Bobby Ingano and Alexis Tolentino.

By Shinichi Kakiuchi

I was very pleased to be able to attend my first Fort Collins festival last year with my wife Kumiko where we
were able to see again friends we have met over the years at the Maui and Kauaʻi steel guitar festivals and at the La Mariana Sailing Club and Queen Kapi‘olani Hotel conventions in Honolulu. And it was nice to see our festival organizers, Frank Della-Penna, Tony Fourcroy and Chris Kennison. I was sorry that I missed Kamaka Tom and Duke Ching, who I thought would be there.

The festival featured a number of steel guitars and ‘ukuleles for sale along with CD and book offerings. The steel guitar books were well organized into acoustic and electric categories, and a number of ʻukulele instruction books were offered. I bought a set of books on electric steel guitar that is hard to obtain in Japan. Besides that, I got one of Mark Roeder’s Deluxe34 steel guitar stands.

My wife and I so enjoyed the food at the hotel and nearby restaurants where we found sushi, pizza and curry. It was also fun to exchange souvenirs with friends. One of the best parts of the festival is the jamming that takes place every evening after dinner, and this year was no exception! I willingly participated in the jams even though I’m not that experienced at it. Just having the steel pros together with other members of various playing abilities, and experiencing a spontaneous communication of music together regardless of music style was both thrilling and memorable.

Of course, I enjoyed the performance of each festival participant. I missed some of the workshops but was able to garner a front-row seat for much of the festival. I have posted photos and video of the festival at:

In the end, despite the ten-hour flights to and from Japan and the fifteen-hour time difference, this was an experience I’ll never forget. Mahalo nui loa!

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