by Roberto Alaniz

One of the keys to a good cell phone video is holding the cell phone steady for extended periods of time. Asking your spouse to hold the cell phone still for 15 minutes could be hazardous to your health, so I decided to build my own cell phone holder using a closeted tripod stand. The total project cost me less than $5.

Parts needed:
1) cell phone holder that normally mounts on car vent ($1. at the Dollar Store);
2) 1.75 inch corner brace from the hardware store;
3) A role of electrical tape;
4) a mic stand, music stand or camera tripod stand.

The photos below illustrate the steps to assemble the cell phone holder. Start with the corner brace and wrap the electrical tape around one end a few times for a firmer fit into the cell phone holder vent clip. Then, Insert the taped end of the corner brace into the vent clip and wrap the clip tightly with electrical tape. Finally, tightly tape the assembled cell phone holder to the vertical post of your stand. Tape the holder to the upper part of the stand that adjusts upward and downward. The cell phone holder will hold your cell phone in the horizontal position, which is best for shooting video of a performance.

The cell phone holder expands to allow the phone to fit snugly. Now, it’s a matter of finding the right height for the cell phone camera, a good light source for the room (or outdoors), and adjusting the distance from the camera to the performer(s).