1st HSGA Virtual Convention January 23-24, 2021

We are excited to announce that HSGAs’ first Virtual Convention is scheduled for the weekend of January 23-24, 2021. The format will be similar to our live conventions, including member performances, two workshops, and a featured guest.

Hawaiian Steel Guitar Player Geri Valdriz and The Kika Kila Band will be this year’s special guest artists.

The Virtual Convention will be pre-recorded and available through the internet. Viewers will be able to pause or leave and return to the program at any time. In addition, the videos will be available at anytime after the scheduled date for viewing or re-viewing.

The Convention will be available through various channels, including the HSGA Website, HSGA Facebook page, and YouTube, and will be open to the public. No registration is required and while there is no fee for viewing, there is a suggested donation of $25.

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Email Safety


Scams 101. Have you recently received an email that appears to be from an HSGA member in need of money for a trip back home or some other strange emergency? This is a common type of scam in which hackers gain access to someone’s email address book (or more recently, Facebook account) and send messages to all of his or her contacts. One of our members has recently found himself the victim of this scam and his friends are receiving emails of this nature. The best course of action is to delete the email immediately.