Published four times a year in Honolulu, Hawai’i
by the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association

Volume 34, Issue 131                           Summer 2018

Dueling Frypans at Fort Collins this past September with HSGA Scholarship graduate
Alexis Tolentino (left) and Honored Guest Bobby Ingano in a duet of “Sleep Walk. ”

Fort Collins 2018: Reaching Out!

By Frank Della-Penna

Wow! What a festival! We had virtuoso Bobby Ingano, HSGA Scholarship Program graduate Alexis Tolentino,
and backup musicians from Hawaii, Jeff Au Hoy and Joseph Zayac. Alexis performed those stunning harmonics on “Whispering Lullaby,”and I heard several people in the audience remark, “How does she do that? It’s so beautiful.” Additionally, we had hula dancers from China (the China Dance Hula Studio) plus two promising young children from Fort Collins, Makena and Noa Phillips.  More …

In this issue:

| A Word from President Frank Della-Penna  |  “President’s Message to China” by F.Della-Penna  |
|  Weekly Steel Guitar Hotspots in the Islands  |  “Kaua’i 2019Festival Preview” by Dan Tremblay  |
|  Coco Wire – News and Member Gossip  |  “Makoa Music Debut” by Frank Della-Penna  |
|”What Child Is This?” – Steel Arr. by John Ely  |  “Hot and Sweet, Part II” by Guy Cundell  |
|  “Steel Performances Rock You… ” by Addison Ching  |  Hawaiian Steel Guitar Events Calendar  |
|  Fort Collins 2018 Photo Gallery I  |  Keoki’s Korner – Memories of HSGA’s Earlier Years  |
|  Fort Collins 2018 Photo Gallery II  |