Jerry Byrd

(1920 – 2005)
First person inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame
Photo courtesy of HSGA member, Ray Montee.

Learn MUCH more about Jerry’s life at the late Ray Montee’s website, now hosted at HSGA, The Jerry Byrd Fan Club.

Hal Aloma

(1908 – )

Played with Lani McIntire, Tommy Dorsey, Arthur Godfrey, Ed Sullivan and Perry Como.

Dick McIntire

Dick McIntire recorded with Bing Crosby, Frances Langford, Dorothy Lamour and many more musical stars of the 1930’s. Pictured with his group “The Harmony Hawaiians.” (B. Dunn photo)

Mikilani Fo

Mikilani Fo (1924-1959) was a steel guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and all-around entertainer.

Andy Iona

(1902-1966) Andy played with Johnny Nobel’s band, recorded with Louis Armstrong, and played in numerous Hollywood “Polynesian” movies. He was a composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist.(Photo – Oahu Publishing Co. – Betty Glynn)

Jules Ah See

Jules Ah See was a steel guitarist for the world-wide broadcast “Hawaii Calls” radio show in the 1950’s. His steel guitar was heard by millions. Pictured here with the Moana Serenaders, 1952.
(Photo: R. Choy collection, courtesy of Island Guitars.)

Sol Ho’opi’i

(1902-1953) Solomon Ho’opi’i Ka’ai’ai – The King of the Hawaiian Guitar, as featured on the cover of Lorene Ruymar’s book, “The Hawaiian Steel Guitar and its Great Hawaiian Musicians.”

Tommy Castro

(1912-1963) Tommy played with Ray Kinney, Alvin Isaacs and Benny Kalama. (Photo: R. Choy collection, courtesy of Island Guitars.)

Lani McIntire

Lani is pictured on this album cover (with guitar) and his Aloha Islanders. Also shown is Hal Aloma on steel. (Sonora Records album cover.)

Barney Isaacs

(1924-1996) Barney was a steel guitarist with the “Hawaii Calls” radio show for 25 years. He worked with Alfred Apaka, Danny Kaleikini and his own groups around Waikiki.

Annie Kerr

Annie was Hawaii’s first professional Wahine steel guitarist. She performed and recorded in the late 1920’s and 30’s with an all-female band.

Billy Hew Len

Billy led the Moana Hotel’s band for 14 years. He lost his left hand in an industrial accident early in life. Played with a leather cuff fitted with a steel bar. An inspiration and a tribute to the human spirit. (Trini Hew Len, photo).