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Daryl Brooke
Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association

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There were HSGA scholarship students performed at the 5th annual Hawai’i Island Steel Guitar Festival. The annual festival sponsored by HIMELE (Hawaii Institute for Music Enrichment and Learning Experiences) featured many of the best pro players as well as Alan Akaka’s Nextgen students.

Four of the five NextGen students performing are HSGA scholarship students.

Isabella Bertelmann
Hi‘ipoi Lindsey
Enosa Lyman
Makamae Lyu-Napoleon

The performance was livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube. NextGen steel guitar students of Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i School of Hawaiian Music performed for festival attendees’ enjoyment during the Open Stage and Twilight at Kalāhuipua‘a programs.

The NextGen performance block was on Saturday the 16th from 1-2:10 P.M. HST(Hawaii Standard Time). If you missed the live broadcast don’t worry. The video recordings are still available.

Isabella Bertlemann – Scholarship recipient

Isabella often saw boys and men playing the steel guitar. It wasn’t till she saw Mālie Lyman and Ho’ ailona Mahuka (of the Barney Isaacs family, that she saw girls play the steel guitar and this was the inspiration for her to ask Kumu Alan Akaka to take lessons.

Ho’ailona Mahuka playing the Hawaiian steel guitar and singing. Her steel guitar scholarship is with Kumu Alan Akaka.

circling the globe!

Videos: Scholarship recipient Alexis Tolentino performs with Alan Akaka.
Bottom: Young students of Mr. Hong Yishi perform in Du Ying’s steel guitar program. Shanghai, China, 2004.

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