Feature Artist Participation Form

All videos included in the HSGA Virtual Festivals are used with the consent of the performers and/or the owner of the video.   Performers and/or owners retain ownership of their videos and any copyrights.

The HSGA Virtual Festival will be made available for public viewing through:

  • the HSGA website (hsga.org); and,
  • HSGA Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HawaiianSteelGuitarAssociation); and
  • YouTube

Terms and conditions, rules and restrictions for each of these platforms apply.

HSGA is not responsible for any illegal copying or downloading of videos from the internet.

By submitting your video(s) to HSGA for inclusion in the Virtual Festival, you agree to have your video(s) live steamed on the day of the festival.   In addition, you grant us permission to retain your video(s) for future viewing of this festival broadcast on all HSGA channels.  Your video content will not be used in other ways without additional permission requests.

By signing, the performer agrees to these terms and conditions

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