The primary mission of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association is the promotion and perpetuation of traditional Hawaiian music which includes the unique “signature sound” of Hawaiian steel guitar.

One of our goals is to develop a global network of players and lovers of traditional Hawaiian music.

Membership is open to all steel guitar players (both amateur and professional) and non-players who support the performance, promotion, and perpetuation of Hawaiian steel guitar music.

We have hundreds of members worldwide, including active members in Hawai`i, Canada, mainland USA, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Holland, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, and all the way across oceans to South Africa and the Pacific Rim countries of New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan.

So if you enjoy Hawaiian music and spending time with others who do too, `E KOMO MAI! Come, join HSGA!

Circling the globe!

Love traditional Hawaiian music, too?  Support the perpetuation of Hawaiian Steel Guitar music and make a donation to our scholarship fund today with Pay Pal.